Class Descriptions


YAM 101

If you are new to yoga, this class is for you!  We believe that yoga is truly for all musicians, so we have created a class that is accessible to everyone.  In YAM 101 you will learn the basics of yoga and how it can benefit you as a musician.  This class focuses on posture, alignment, balance, stress relief, and injury prevention.  Still not convinced?  This class is FREE!



Slow down at the end of a busy day with our most restorative class.  Lento is a mixture of yin yoga and gentle yoga and is the perfect balance to the fast paced lifestyle of a musician.  This class encourages a release of stress through mindfulness, meditation, and sustained yoga poses.  Benefits include increased circulation, improved flexibility, and mental and physical balance.



Learn how to connect breath with movement in this slow flow yoga class.  Adagio is more active than our Lento and YAM 101 classes, but absolutely still beginner friendly.  Modifications will be given throughout each class.  This class allows you to explore movement and feel good in your body.  You will leave each class feeling centered and refreshed.



Find strength and embrace the power within you in our most advanced class.  If you are looking to break a sweat and boost your energy, this class is for you.  Allegro focuses on core strength and full body engagement while challenging you to dig deeper into your body.  We hope you will enjoy the more playful side of yoga, too, with our fun balance sequences and flows.


Vivace (30 min)

Break a sweat in this fast paced class designed to build strength in the ways musicians need it the most. Vivace classes are centered around shoulder, core, and leg exercises. We believe that every musician deserves to feel empowered in their bodies. You'll find yourself walking away from this class feeling powerful and energized.


Meditation (30 min)

Take a much needed break to tune into your body and mind.  Meditation is an ancient practice that promotes well-being and reduces stress.  We encourage musicians who struggle with performance anxiety to regularly meditate.  Our guided meditations serve you by focusing on breath, gratitude, connection, self-love, feeling whole, and letting go of anything that is prohibiting you from being the best musician you can be.


Breath Practice (30 min)

Pranayama is the yogic practice of breath work.  We know musicians are deeply connected to their breath (especially wind musicians), which is why we love pranayama so much.  In these short practices, we will teach you multiple breathing techniques that encourage you to use your breath properly, prevent stress, and balance your energy.  We can’t wait to breathe with you!

Finale Friday

You deserve to end your busy week with some joy and softness! We'll harness the quick-paced energy of your work week to begin this class with breath-based flow, much like our Allegro classes. However, these classes are much like a rallantando, slowing as we go. The last 20 minutes of class will be much like our Lento classes, featuring passive, gentle holds intended to ease you into the restful weekend.