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Here's what our community members have to say.

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"I love Yoga for All Musicians! It is more than just a Yoga class. YAM encourages community connection through community nights, a book of the month club and specifically addresses musician health and wellness in every class. In addition to their musical training and expertise, the teachers are highly trained professionals and certified Yoga Instructors. I especially enjoy the variety of offerings and the easy to use scheduling system, and the virtual live classes make doing Yoga in your living room thoroughly enjoyable. I enthusiastically recommend YAM to all musicians, everywhere!!"

Deanna Swoboda

Tempe, Arizona

"YAM has been such an important part of the past few months for me. I’m so thankful for what your classes and community have given me. All of the teachers are wonderful, being able to see other community members at classes is great during quarantine, and the yoga classes themselves are geared so well for musicians. Great modifications are given for poses with musicians in mind, and your mental state can be guided to a much calmer, more focused, and accepting place. It has brought so much to my practicing, teaching, and overall state of mind!"

Natasha Costello

Fort Worth, Texas

"Amelia, Claire and Brianne are extremely knowledgeable and provide a safe space to guide each student for yoga classes. Their friendliness and kindness also contributes to this lovely learning environment. YAM is a truly wonderful, accepting community. I always feel that I learn so much during classes, and it provides a release for stresses and tensions that I'm feeling!"

Kate Watson

South Africa

"I am almost a novice when it comes to yoga, and after two weeks, I feel SO much more confident and comfortable during class. They are thorough in their explanations and are always willing to provide more clarity and demonstration if needed or requested."

Greg Childress

Lynchburg, Virginia

"All of the YAM instructors are knowledgeable in both their yoga and musicianship practice, and I appreciate that they use both to provide a safe and challenging experience."

Beth Culp

Phoenix, Arizona

"I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for amount of times you've held space for me and made me feel supported and heard."

Elira Mavraj

Potsdam, New York

"It is such a pleasure to practice yoga with other musicians! Thanks for creating YAM."

Lydia Van Dreel

Eugene, Oregon

"They are some of the kindest and most caring people I have met. I know I will always feel safe and loved when I am in class."

Dana Wolpe

Boyds, Maryland