Alix Raspé


Ms. Raspé currently serves as Principal Harpist of Lima Symphony Orchestra and as an  Associate Harpist for Columbus Symphony. Ms. Raspé has performed with New World  Symphony, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the NY Pops, the Symphony of New Hampshire,  Symphoria, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Portsmouth Symphony and more. While  maintaining her own thriving teaching studio, Ms. Raspé serves on the faculty at  Brookside Music School, as well as coaching harp and chamber music for Chamber  Music Connection (CMC). Ms. Raspé has served on the faculty of Boston Youth  Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Camp, Note-Worthy Experiences, and as a Harp  Specialist at The Harp Connection. As a musical innovator and performer, Ms. Raspé  currently serves as Marketing and Development Director for The Chamber Music  Connection.  


Alix has received numerous awards as a soloist including: the Annapolis Music Festival  Maestro Award for Outstanding Soloist, the NYU Excellence in String Performance and  Leadership Award, the NYU Orchestral Excellence Award, and winner of the NYU String  Competition. In 2016, Alix was awarded First Runner-Up in the NEC Strings Concerto  Competition. Alix has attended such prestigious music festivals as the Tanglewood  Music Center (Harp Fellow), the Aspen Music Festival, the Bowdoin International Music  Festival, National Orchestral Institute (Harp Fellow), MusicAlp, Saratoga Harp Colony,  Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific, and Interlochen Arts Camp.  

You can hear Alix performing with Roger Daltrey of The Who, The Late Late Show with  James Corden, IHeartRadio, with artist MAX, the soundtrack of RuPaul’s Drag Races  (Season 5), the film Reservation Road and WMNR Fine Arts Radio.  


After practicing yoga for almost 10 years, Alix completed a 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher  Training program at GIVE Yoga in Clintonville, OH. Blending her passions for both yoga  and music, Alix has been teaching Yoga for Musicians at the Chamber Music  Connection, as well as her own online yoga class, “Om is Where the Harp is”, that  concludes each yoga class with a relaxing harp performance. Alix also teaches for  Balancing Owl Yoga and Bexley Yoga in Columbus, OH. In all of her classes, Alix  believes in empowering her students to reach their goals of flexibility and self-love. Alix  currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Erik, and their miniature  Australian Shepherd, Ollie.