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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have for class?

A reliable yoga mat and something to keep you hydrated are both highly recommended for each one of our classes.
Different teachers may suggest using different props for your practice. These are usually blocks and a strap. If you do not have a block, pillows, thick books, or other sturdy items may be helpful! If you do not own a strap, a towel works almost as well.
For our Lento, Meditation, and Breath Practice classes, you may want to grab a few pillows and blankets to get cozy!

Do I need any yoga experience?

Absolutely not! Our community is designed for all levels of yoga students. Our experienced teachers are sure to cue to prioritize the safety of each and every student in class. If you have specific concerns, you are welcome to reach out at

What should I wear?

Be comfy! You should be able to move freely in the clothing on your body. You may want loose fitting clothing for our slower paced classes, like Lento, and sweat proof clothing for our faster flow, Allegro! Please remove shoes and socks for your safety.
Remember, this practice is for you, so allow yourself to feel safe and supported in whatever clothing you choose.

Can I practice with my S/O or roommate with the class I have purchased?

We love that you are wanting to share this practice with your friends and family! However, we rely on 1 class purchase per student. We appreciate your willingness to purchase the appropriate amount of classes, for the amount of people that will be practicing in your household (even if you just share one screen).
Having a hard time convincing them to pay? We totally get that! Invite them to our FREE YAM 101 class on Sundays!

Do I have to be a musician?

Our community is welcoming to anybody and everybody. If you are not a musician, we just ask that you understand that our classes are specifically designed for musicians, and therefore our teachers may speak on experiences unique to that. However, if you are somebody who struggles with performance anxiety or pain in your wrists, shoulders, and neck, we may be a great place to support your yoga practice!

Do I have to have my camera on?

It is not required at all, and we want you to feel safe in your experience! However, if you feel comfortable, we encourage you to keep your camera on so your teacher can cue directly to you and cheer you on throughout your journey and practice.

When can I enter the Zoom call?

Your teacher will begin the Zoom call between 5-10 minutes before the start time of class. We would love for you to join us a bit early, so that we can get to you know you a little bit better! This is a great time to place any requests with your instructors, meet fellow students, and center yourself.

May I leave class early and/or show up late?

We would love if you could make your best effort to show up to the Zoom on time. The beginning of class is when we really get to connect with you and get to know YOU better. We will not admit students that are more than 5 minutes late.

As for leaving early, Savasana has many benefits, so we encourage you to stay as long as your time allows. We do, however, understand the busy lifestyle of musicians and would rather have you practicing with us and sneaking out early, than not practicing at all.

I was running late and tried to sign up online, but got locked out! What do I do?


Oh no! We completely understand that life throws obstacles in the way, which may prevent you from being on time to class. For your safety and respect to the students already in class, we will not admit you if you are more than 5 minutes late. However, our website will lock you out the minute class time starts. If you are within those five minutes but unable to sign up online, please send us an email ( and we will do our best to promptly get you the link so you may practice. 

To prevent this challenge in the future, we highly recommend that you sign up ahead of time. 

I'd like to change my membership or payment information, how can I do this? 

The easiest way to make a change to your membership is to contact us at We will reply within 48 hours with the best way to make this change happen. Please know that you will never be asked to provide credit card information via email or a non secure page. That being said, making shifts to your membership are super duper easy and no problem at all!

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