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at·tune /əˈto͞on/


make receptive or aware. 

to bring into harmony. 

to be able to notice subtle differences.

What would be different about your life, career, and musicianship if you practiced more awareness?

What do you have to gain from becoming more attuned to your own worthiness?

Stop matching the frequency of struggle.

are you...

✔️ Feeling disconnected from musicianship, your body, and community — looking for a place where all of you is welcome?

✔️ Holding back, shrinking yourself, hiding your light, and playing small because you’re afraid of what others think, afraid of getting it “wrong,” afraid of offending, afraid of rejection?

✔️ Just going through the motions with making music — learning how to honor your craft at a high level but finding yourself burnt out, exhausted, and unmotivated?

✔️ In an endless cycle of overworking and over-practicing, but never feeling good enough? 

✔️ Unsure of how music will play a role in your life — feeling the weight of obligation to choose between career and hobby?

✔️ Longing for more purpose in your creativity; anchored in self-trust and awareness, allowing for balance and joy within yourself?

✔️ Secretly ashamed, lonely and discouraged? No one would guess that you never feel good enough, capable enough, talented enough, or creative enough. (...despite being told over and over again that you are more than worthy). 

If this sounds like you, keep scrolling.

These are all mechanisms that have protected you and gotten you this far.

But your body and spirit are exhausted.

You have the power to redefine your relationship to music, to shift these strategies, to match the frequency of ease.

Recycled Paper
by joining Attune, you'll receive...
  • 10 hours of sessions and workshops, led by Brianne and Claire, with other members of the Attune community. A $2100 value.

  • A workbook of resources to help you get organized, take notes, and implement these practices into your daily life. A $150 value.

  • Breath, somatic embodiment, and meditative practices to reduce the outside noise so that you can hear yourself more clearly. A $90 value.

  • Opportunity to attend "office hours" with Claire and Brianne to receive individualized guidance. A $75 value.

  • Six weeks worth of Unlimited Yoga for All Musicians classes. A $108 value.

  • Built-in Accountability. Think weekly emails, accountability, community check-ins, journaling prompts, organizational guides, bonus resources on each topic, checklists. A $120 value.

  • Bonus Private Community Forum where you’ll receive digital support from both Brianne & Claire, along with an amazing community of Yoga for All Musicians teachers. A $300 value.

Total Value: $2943

Your Total Investment: you pay $700 (if you deposit before August 15.) 


Sessions 1 & 2
August 25 | 7:00-9:00 PM (central time)
August 26 | 9:00-11:00 AM (central time)

What does it mean to notice?

How does it impact our nervous system? And why does that even matter?

During these three weeks, we will dive deep into core motivations, desires and the self-imposed roadblocks that keep you stuck. Brianne will acquaint you with your nervous system and its function, and Claire will guide you in exploration of its impact on your thoughts and behaviors. Weekly homework assignments will allow you to dive deeper and become inquisitive about your nervous system’s experience on a daily basis.

_N7A9489 (1).jpg

Sessions 3 & 4
August 26 | 1:00-3:00 PM (central time)
August 27 | 1:00-4:00 PM (central time)

At the intersection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you exist. While your nervous system helps you to regulate your body’s inherent responses, you have autonomy over the way your Big Three (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) impact your life (and your practice sessions).

Brianne and Claire will offer implementable tools to aid you in regulating and integrating in your daily life and in the practice room. We will become curious about our practice routines and explore ways to attune our internal experience of music to our external experience of humanness.


are you ready to dive in?

why do musicians need attunement?
  • 2019 study found that 73 percent of independent music makers experience anxiety and depression in relation to their work.

  • In 2021, the Journal of Psychiatric Research published a peer-reviewed report titled “Mental health issues among international touring professionals in the music industry”—based on a pre-pandemic survey of 1,154 individuals—that showed “greatly elevated” rates of clinical depression and stress in comparison to the general population, and levels of suicidality that are five times the average rate of the U.S. population.

  • Music students are at the intersection of two populations (college students & musicians) that experience extreme burnout in comparison to other professions.


We get it.

We have cried on the floors of practice rooms. 

We convinced ourselves that our suffering was noble.

We believed that in order to succeed, we must experience burnout, stress, anxiety. 

We have left performances feeling defeated and unworthy.

We have experienced injury, defeat, panic attacks, and questioned our own self worth for the sake of music. 

But let us be very clear...

We don't want that for you.

We have dedicated our careers to inspiring musicians to care for themselves; to see themselves as gentle beings, deserving of rest, joy, self-compassion, and peace. 

We fiercely believe that you deserve harmony.


What happens once I deposit?

Your spot is saved! We will reach out to you shortly to discuss further payment and details about the course.

What do I need for the course? 

A yoga mat and your computer (or something to access zoom on).

I've never done yoga before, am I still welcome?

Absolutely! Any yoga offered throughout the course will be beginner friendly.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! Please contact (or submit the form below) to set up the logistics of your plan and discuss your needs. We believe this important work should be accessible to all.

How much time will this require from me? 

You should plan to be at each of the sessions and set aside time for minimal heart-work (our version of homework) in between sessions. You may also want to take advantage of the YAM membership and can practice as much or as little as you'd like.

What are your qualifications?

Brianne and Claire collectively have 39 years combined experience in music (this is more years than either of them have been alive!). You can learn more about Brianne here and Claire here!

What if I have to miss a session?

We completely understand that things happen. Please communicate with us and we will work together and be sure that you still receive the offerings from that week.

Have a question that we didn't answer?

Ask us here, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for submitting!

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