Educational Programs

Introduce the transformational power of yoga to your musical community.

With consideration to NASM accreditation requirements, share various workshops on physical, mental, and hearing health - among more - with your school or studio.

Collaborate with the YAM team to find the right combination of offerings for you. 

Collectively, the members of the YAM team have worked with prestigious organizations and universities such as the NAMM Foundation, the Colburn School, Arizona State University, Northwestern University, Ithaca College, the International Trombone Festival, the International Women's Brass Conference, and the International Trumpet Guild Conference, among many more. To learn more about the collaborations YAM has participated in as a company, click here.

Guest Clinics

  • Great for studio classes

  • Potential topics include Yoga for Musicians, Anatomy for Musicians, Integrating Wellness into the Music Curriculum, Maintaining Wellness in Music School, and others

  • Flexible Pricing

Conference Workshops

  • Great for music educator associations and instrument specific organizations

  • Potential topics include yoga for specific instruments (ex. Yoga for Brass Players, Yoga for Flutists, Yoga for Singers), Mindfulness for Music Educators and others

  • Flexible Pricing


School & Studio Packages

  • Created with consideration to NASM accreditation wellness requirements

  • Can include any combination of the following:
    Recorded Lecture from an Audiologist Zachary Ward
    Recorded Lecture from Physical Therapist and flutist Susan Fain
    Recorded lecture from mental health counselor and percussionist Nathan Langfitt
    Live workshop(s) with Yoga for All Musicians
    Recorded Yoga for All Musicians classes
    Discounted memberships for studios/student body


Customize Your Own

  • Collaboration with the Yoga for All Musicians team on what is right for you

  • Mix and match our offerings to fit your needs

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