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Teni Rane

Teni Rane (Butler) is a folk-country singer-songwriter with a vintage vocal edge and a knack for capturing common scenes of everyday life in a way that is at once specific and widely relatable. She received her RYT-200 training at Asheville Yoga Center.


Yoga and the balance that it explores has supported Teni through many stages of her life and it brings her much joy to share the ideas and the practice with others in a way that creates space for individual discovery of the benefits yoga can bring to a life (and to all the relationships that surround a life!). In the created chaos of modern-day human living – health, home, job, family, laundry, existential dread… the list goes on – Teni comes back to yoga to find space and grace to move through life a little more calmly and clearly. She shares yoga as an incredible modality to bring ourselves back into, and feel safe in, our bodies and to cultivate gratitude and compassion for ourselves so that we can begin to extend that gratitude and compassion to others around us. 


The relationship between the joy that music can create in a human life and the anxiety and challenges that may be augmented by the environments in which we pursue music can often feel like an overwhelming dichotomy. Teni experientially believes that setting aside intentional space to cultivate a loving and non-judgmental state of mind helps individuals tap back into their innate creativity and connect with their artistic voices. She has enjoyed bringing yoga instruction and her musical background together to provide spaces to explore and experience where the voice lives in the body and how it is supported by the breath. This work can support aspirational and professional singers as well as those feeling disconnected from the power of their voices to shape their ideas, dreams, and reality. As a vocal proponent of self-care and mental health preparedness, she has also participated in conference panels and workshops discussing the benefits of yoga for performing musicians.


Teni grew up in and around a community of Chattanooga musicians who helped nurture in her an early love for music. Her studies in engineering have taken her to Spain, Iceland, and many states across the US. Her collegiate soccer career as well as her musical endeavors have provided opportunities to live and work in Sweden where she had the chance to be in studio with some incredible musicians. In live performance, she thrives in the listening room setting where she feels the most connected to the audience through the conversation and story lines of her music. Recently, Teni was selected as a Juried Artist on the Music to Life artist roster for her work through music in supporting and creating community.

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