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Meghan Taylor

As a musician-researcher, Meghan Taylor is passionate about helping music educators develop  strategies to include health and wellness concepts in their teaching environment. Meghan is  currently leading a grant project funded by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine under  award number UG4LM012345. This project serves as a significant step towards preparing music  educators in Texas to incorporate health education into ensemble-based instructional activities.  Through exposure to health education in the music classroom, Meghan believes students will be  beMer equipped to handle the physical and mental demands of music-making throughout their  careers.   


Meghan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Music with a concentration in Performing Arts Health at  The University of North Texas and conducts research at the Texas Center for Performing Arts  Health (TCPAH). During her first year at UNT, Meghan worked with representatives from the  TCPAH to publish a booklet titled, "Musician Health: A Primer and Resource Guide," archived on  the NNLM Website.  

As a clarinetist, Meghan is enthusiastic about providing the clarinet community with research  necessary to improve the longevity of their careers. Meghan and colleagues were awarded  second prize for their epidemiological research on clarinetists during the 2019 International  Clarinet Association’s Annual Research Competition. As the first Health and Wellness Committee  Chair at the International Clarinet Association, Meghan plans to continue highlighting health  research for clarinetists in order to develop a healthy clarinet community.  


The practice of yoga has become a constant throughout many Musician’s Health resources.  Having a foundation in health-related research led Meghan to identify similarities between the  mind-body connection in yoga and music-making, which catalyzed her own yoga journey.  Knowing the benefits of yoga first-hand energized Meghan to seek out a 200-hour yoga  certification and begin teaching at studios in the Denton area. In classes, Meghan hopes to meet  students where they are by offering support and encouragement while allowing for softness  whenever possible.

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